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Author: Scott Paterson

iCloud Upgrade Day..

A long time coming but I have finally had to make the jump to the next level of iCloud storage ( 2TB ). The 200Mb subscription has lasted a while but has finally been absorbed by the families Messages, Photos and others. At least I have plenty of head room to grow into...

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“Show Me Yours” – A New Campaign Video from Liberty Human Rights Group

Show Me Yours is a wonderful tongue in cheek video featuring comedian Olivia Lee in which she is seen walking up to strangers in the street asking to see whats on their mobile phones. The video was produced by Liberty a Human Rights Group to highlight to the public the potential far reaching consequences if the so called “Snoopers Charter” is passed. The video is shown below along with the press release from Liberty that explains in more detail what the group is doing to raise awareness of this critically important issue. Please share this video widely. Thank you. LIBERTY LAUNCHES FILM TO BRING HOME TRUE SCALE OF NEW SNOOPERS’ CHARTER Human rights group Liberty has today launched a short film highlighting the unprecedented, unnecessary and deeply intrusive spying powers handed to hundreds of public bodies by the latest incarnation of the Snoopers’ Charter. The video created by Liberty and creative agency Don’t Panic, sees comedian Olivia Lee take to the streets demanding a look at strangers’ most personal and sensitive information – the same information to which a broad range of public bodies will gain unfettered access if the Investigatory Powers Bill becomes law. The team who brought you ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ got together again to bring you ‘Show me yours….’. Joe Wade, MD at Don’t Panic notes:  “We used hidden cameras to pick up people’s...

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