Last night my MacBook’s iTunes was updated with the latest release ( ) and when it restarted I was prompted with the invitation to Join Apple Music trial. As I had already signed up I ignored this prompt and clicked through to iTunes assuming it was some sort of error, however what I noticed then was the For You and New sections at the top of the iTunes window were now missing.

Restarting iTunes┬ádidn’t resolve this, nor did logging out of the the Store and back in again. After a number of attempts to recover the missing sections I went into the iTunes Store and clicked onto the 90 Day Trial link ( at the very bottom left of the store ) and hey presto the missing sections re-appeared again !

Anyone else experienced this or was this a one off for me ?


“For You” Disappearing from iTunes after recent update

2 thoughts on ““For You” Disappearing from iTunes after recent update

  • July 16, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    I experienced the same exact problem. It has been very frustrating trying to find a solution to the problem since the FOR YOU and NEW sections are the best thing about Apple Music. I followed your instructions and it worked! Thank you so much!


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